Our Products

We are pleased to offer you wooden stakes, pointed palisades (cylindrical stakes, cylindered logs), and half-palisades of our own production. In addition, we supply natural moisture pine shavings. We work with all countries on FCA terms. Monthly production volume: 250-320 m3 depending on the season. Individual discounts can be provided depending on the volume.

To ensure the safety of the products during transportation, we use a time-tested packaging method. Thanks to wire ties on the side posts, the packages retain their shape even after cutting the strapping tapes and partial disassembly. Read more

During the summer season (mid-spring to mid-autumn), upon the customer’s request, the products are treated with Sinesto B transport antiseptic. By prior agreement, drying to a moisture content of 19-20% is possible (+ $15 to the price), as well as deep-pressure impregnation with Tanalith E.