Wooden Poles

Wooden Poles

Cylindrical wooden product with both ends trimmed

The cylindrical pole is a product that is made on a wood-rounding machine and then trimmed on both ends using a cutting machine. The end is a straight cut at 90 degrees to the length of the product.

Diameter, mmLength, mVolume, m3Price per m3, EUR

The price depends on the diameter, length, type of impregnation, and type of product. Contact us for price calculation. We have a flexible discount system and an individual approach to each customer, allowing us to create the best offer for every client.

Wooden poles ranging from 4 to 14 cm in diameter offer a wide array of applications due to their versatility, durability, and eco-friendly nature. Below are some practical and creative uses for these wooden poles.

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Uses of Wooden Poles (4-14 cm Diameter)

Garden Support Structures:

 Landscaping and Outdoor Decor:

DIY Furniture and Home Decor:

Structural Support in Construction:

Art and Crafts:

Outdoor Recreational Activities:

Eco-Friendly Projects:

Educational Purposes:

Event Decor and Signage:

These versatile wooden poles offer endless possibilities, making them a valuable resource for DIY enthusiasts, craftsmen, gardeners, and environmentalists alike. Their natural aesthetic and strength make them a sustainable choice for a wide range of applications.