Pointed Palisades

Pointed Palisades

Cylindrical product with a pyramidal tip.

Cylindered pine tree stakes (pointed palisades, chamfered stakes, cylindered logs) with a pointed spike base are cylindrical columns with a smooth surface, which have a pyramidal point at one end. On one side of the column, the other one is cross-cut or chambered. This design makes the chamfered palisade versatile and suitable for various purposes.

Diameter, mmLength, mVolume, m3Price per m3, EUR

The price depends on the diameter, length, type of impregnation, and type of product. Contact us for price calculation. We have a flexible discount system and an individual approach to each customer, allowing us to create the best offer for every client.

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Examples of the use of a pointed tree stakes:

Support for agricultural crops: Chamfered palisades are used as supports for various agricultural crops, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, and beans. They hold the plants in place, preventing them from falling over and providing access to sunlight and air.

Support for grapevines: Grapevines can be quite heavy and require reliable support. Pointed palisades are used to support grapevines, ensuring they receive ample light for fruiting.

Support for garden and park trees: Chamfered palisades are also used in gardens and parks to support trees. They help prevent trees from bending under the influence of wind or the weight of their fruits.

Fencing: Chamfered palisades can serve as fencing for a backyard plot. They divide the area into different zones or act as a dividing line between adjacent plots, creating an aesthetically pleasing look.

Retaining walls: Chamfered palisades are also used as retaining walls to reinforce slopes, create terraces, and prevent soil erosion.

A chamfered palisade is a versatile solution for various tasks in agriculture, suburban living, and landscape design.