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Wooden Palisade

Cylindrical product with chamfered ends.

The wooden palisade is a cylinder with a smooth surface, one or both ends of which are chamfered. This cylindrical product is manufactured on a wood-rounding machine, then the ends are trimmed on a trimming machine on both sides to size, and then a chamfer is removed on a chamfering machine. A chamfer is a beveled edge cut at a 45-degree angle relative to the end, with a width of about 1.5 cm.

Diameter, mmLength, mVolume, m3Price per m3, EUR

The price depends on the diameter, length, type of impregnation, and type of product. Contact us for price calculation. We have a flexible discount system and an individual approach to each customer, allowing us to create the best offer for every client.

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Examples of using palisades:

In the vegetable garden: Palisades can be used to create flowerbeds and divide various sections of the garden. They can be installed around vegetable beds to protect them from domestic animals and also to make them a part of the landscape design.

Garden landscape: In a park or garden, palisades can serve as decorative elements for creating interesting compositions. They can be used to decorate flower beds, create small raised flower beds, or even divide the garden into different zones.

Reinforcing slopes: Palisades can also be useful for reinforcing slopes or waterfront areas. When installed along the slope, they help prevent soil erosion and add stability.

Decorative elements in landscape design: Palisades can serve not only a practical purpose but also become a part of the artistic decoration of a garden or park. For example, they can be used to create abstract sculptural compositions.

Thus, palisades are versatile elements that can be incorporated into various gardening and landscape design projects, adding structure and aesthetic appeal to them.