Hydraulic Crane Services

Deep Wood Impregnation

Deep wood impregnation with Tanalit antiseptic in an autoclave

LLC “Western Forest” has the capability to perform deep impregnation of products in an autoclave using Tanalith (green) antiseptic with the “vacuum-pressure-vacuum” method. The finished product enters the impregnation chamber on rails. Then the door is tightly sealed, and air is evacuated. A vacuum is created, and Tanalith antiseptic is introduced under pressure, which is absorbed into the wood. After impregnation, Tanalith is pumped out of the impregnation chamber, and the product exits on rails. Upon the customer’s request, a impregnation protocol is provided for each treated batch, detailing all technical data regarding impregnation (impregnated volume, volume of solution used, time in the chamber, etc.). The service extends the lifespan of impregnated cylindrical products up to 10-15 years. Stakes are impregnated to a depth of 0.5-1.0 cm during deep impregnation. Only the sapwood is impregnated, as the heartwood and core of the wood are not impregnated due to their higher density and saturation with resin compared to the sapwood.