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Let us introduce ourselves

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In November 2023, we will be celebrating our 8th anniversary. That’s quite a significant milestone for a manufacturing company! Like everyone else, we’ve had our ups and downs, made mistakes, faced challenges, and had to overcome them. But most importantly, even in times of crisis, we’ve managed to establish and run a successful production facility that ranks among the local industry leaders.

‘Western Forest’ LLC is a family business. It was founded by two cousins, Alexander and Pavel Sergeev, who were inspired by the idea of creating a wood processing enterprise. The proximity of our production facility to the western border of the country played a role in choosing the name for the company. Since the untimely passing of her spouse in 2018, Anna Sergeeva has been the director of the company.

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The first machine with cylindered logs was shipped to a customer in Lithuania on May 18, 2017. Since then, the company has significantly expanded its geographical reach.

The products of ‘Western Forest’ LLC are known well beyond Belarus: in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, Turkey, and Uzbekistan.

We specialize in manufacturing cylindrical logs from thinning assortments of coniferous species. In addition, we sell wood shavings and offer crane truck rental services in the Grodno region.

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On average, our enterprise employs 12 people. Over the years, we have formed a close-knit and highly skilled team. Everyone can count on a decent salary, a guaranteed social package, and paid sick leaves, and vacations.

In 2023, ‘Western Forest’ LLC got an entry on the Honors Board “for achieving the key forecasted indicators of socio-economic development in 2022 and for maintaining high standards of labor and performance discipline”.

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